Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pear (or Peach, or Apple!) Pancakes

A friend, Joleen, shared this recipe with me the other day. This morning I tested it on some friends at an early morning meeting, as well as on my family, and everyone really liked it! The recipe came from Joleen's friend, Angie Hallberg, who I have heard from numerous sources, is an amazing cook. I called Angie and she was kind enough to allow me to share this recipe here. This is the recipe as Angie shared it on her blog:

(These) were a brunch staple at Doughty's Bistro (in Boise) where I met my honey. Good memories! I remember making stacks like this one for the wait-staff once brunch was over, and all of them would go nuts. Kind of like my kids did when I made them for them the first time. Want the recipe??? Simple.
Make pancake batter, then peel and slice peaches, pears, or apples. Pour the batter onto your griddle and, working quickly, top it with 3 slices of fruit for each pancake. Sprinkle quick oats, and then cinnamon sugar on top. Flip the cakes when they start to bubble, and let them cook until the cinn-sugar carmalizes. Serve with maple syrup and try not to drool all over them. SOOOO Good!
**Note: Angie's mom-in-law said that she loves these with green apples, too!**

Thank you, Joleen and Angie for sharing this yummy recipe!

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  1. Green apples are my ABSOLUTE favorite way to make them!!! Fresh peaches are pretty darn good too!