Wednesday, May 11, 2011

White Bar-b-q Chicken

This is a new favorite at our house. Especially for my hubby, so it is great that it is so fast and easy! I love it because using fat free mayo and fat free milk, it makes it a healthier meal! The vinegar makes gives it a little zip, and the sugar gives it a little sweetness... a party in your mouth!!

1 cup fat free mayo
1 Tbsp. salt
2 tsp. pepper
2 Tbsp sugar or sugar substitute
1/3 cup vinegar
1/2 cup skim milk
1-2 lbs chicken breasts or tenders

Put chicken in bottom of a 9x13 pan. Mix first 6 ingredients together well, and pour over chicken. cover and bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.
We like ours with rice or mashed potatoes. The sauce is delicious over either one! Enjoy!

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  1. Stacey--I tried thisrecipe--it was easy and good!! We had it over mashed potatoes--it`s a keeper ;)